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About Nevi

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Nevi is an entrepreneur, a business owner and an author. She manages a successful Events and Marketing agency that operates mainly in the Pharmaceutical and Medical arenas. She spent more than 20 years in corporate with 13 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Nevi worked her way up in corporate, invested in her personal development and climbed the ladder fast. Her path was paved with her passion for personal development and a solution-oriented nature. The journey of an entrepreneur means being a risk-taker, a visionary, a leader, a pit bull and a superhero all rolled into one – this is Nevi! Running a business attracts chaos and this is where she thrives…

Interests and Facts

  • I am a doer, a visionary, an entrepreneur.
  • I am a hodophile.
  • I am a book lover.
  • Ice-cream is my single favourite indulgence.
  • Planning events is my passion.
  • Mediocre will never be found amongst my work.
  • Most people have a dominant and a secondary personality style, however, I have been referred to as a choleric-choleric (impatient, fiery, passionate, ambitious and bold)
  • The end picture is always at my forefront.
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About the Book

12 crucial lessons on entrepreneurship; offering a fresh perspective, savvy advice and practical measures to put into place.

Partnering With Greenpop

We have decided to partner with a company called Greenpop. For every 10 books that are sold, we will plant one tree in South Africa through Greenpop.
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The ultimate business handbook perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners

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