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5 Things You Are Grateful For

We only need 5 to 10 minutes daily to rewire our brain and unleash the unlimited potential of our existence.

It centres around Gratitude!

I discovered when I practice awareness of the positive things in my life, I ward off the brain’s natural inclination to scan for the negatives. As a result, I have trained my brain to weigh more on the positive side and this frames my happiness.

Here are some guiding principles that I have used:

  • Choose how you want to journal – handwritten or use an app. Decide on a format that is comfortable for you and make use of it consistently.
  • Be Consistent – you should write in your gratitude journal every day, and preferably at the same time of day. Identify the times that works for you – after breakfast, when you finish your home chores, after washing up the dinner dishes, after work, just before you go to bed, after bathing the kids, on the ride home (not if you are driving though…).
  • Write at least 5 things – choose to write using a list format or in short paragraphs. I find that it is important to describe why I am grateful for each thing. You will create the habit of becoming aware of all the things in your life that pops gratefulness. It may be challenging to come up with all 5 items in the beginning, but once you entrench the habit, you will become fluent in identifying them
  • Convert negatives into positives – Transform your thoughts by observing the positive side of those negative instances. I found that instead of dwelling on things that are not working out like a failed relationship, I dig deep to uncover the encouraging or affirmative aspects. This has helped me focus on being progressive in even the most arduous situations. You may stumble in the beginning and it may appear to come across as unnatural. Keeping going and filling in your gratitude journal. Learning to focus on the positive in all that you endure will cultivate a new level of contentment and  of happiness and brightness in your life.

The recent trending term “toxic positivity” does not equate to Gratitude. Creating a gratitude habit does not advocate you pasting a fake layered smile over your misery. We are all allowed to feel all human feelings – anger, despair, sadness and then we should resume to a gratitude practice that opens the way to view all that is delightful and brings joy. Show appreciation to those that make your life grander.

Gratitude is a powerful tool and readily available prescription in my life.

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