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8 is enough!! The chores I love and hate most…

May 3rd is No Housework Day, so make sure you don’t clean ANYTHING.

That’s right. So if someone moans at you to clean your room, you can just tell them that Nevi ordered you not to, okay?

To celebrate this day, I have put together my oh-this-isn’t-so-bad-chores and my uuurgh-I-would-rather-pretend-to-be-sick chore list.


My Best Chores:

  1. Ironing laundry

I love ironing. Seeing the ironed clothes pile up, gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also, doing ironing, makes me feel like I have lots of clothes suddenly. Maybe it’s because I only do them over the holidays when my helper is on leave. It’s great, because I feel I have more clothes than I actually need and life is awesome.


  1. Cleaning out the fridge

Cleaning out the fridge is therapeutic. Most people prefer fully packed fridges whilst I prefer empty shelves. Weird, right? Although, clearing out, means I get to go grocery shopping again – exciting!


  1. Dusting

Dusting is easy-peasy. I love the immediate gratification of clean surfaces. The glowing coffee table and the dust-free bookshelves.


  1. Organising

Organising for most of my family seems intimidating. For me it is better than ice-cream – did I just admit to that?! I simply love the process of going through my clothes and shoe cupboards and selecting what needs to be donated. Sorting through photos that need to be framed, canvased, filed is another wonderful treat for me. Organising makes me feel all grown up

  1. Washing up the dishes

Washing dishes is therapeutic for me. We have a dishwasher which I have not personally used once. It gets utilised once a week when I feel sorry for it’s useless mannerism and get my husband to out some gym water bottles in. I seriously get anxious if I see a few dishes in the sink. I leave everything else and prioritise that. I ever go to bed if there are dishes in the sink! Peculiar behaviour for most!


My Worst Chores:

  1. Cleaning the toilets and bathrooms

Have you ever met a person who enjoys scrubbing toilets and showers? I haven’t!  It’s kind of sick. What is about toothpaste that it always find a way in the basin, on taps and everywhere. I wonder what animals would do if they used toothpaste?

  1. Vacuuming

I really hate that loud noise that emits from the vacuum cleaner. I also hate having to clean the bag where the dirt accumulates!

  1. Mopping the floors

I honestly don’t mind sweeping the floor, but it working with a mop and water is just super bothersome. The other things is, no matter how many mops we buy, I can never locate one that isn’t it’s normal colour and looks decent!

  1. Making the bed

I dislike making the bed. It’s just so annoying to walk around it so many times – place sheet, tuck in sheet, place the duvet over, make sure all inners are aligned with the cover corners, place pillows on to look decorative. I have to say once it is done, it really transforms the bedroom.

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