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Just like rising each morning and breathing in my first moment of the day, reading is indispensable to me. As I little girl, I dreamt of having my own private reading place. I imagined sitting on a comfortable chair and …

Nevi Letcher Why I Wake Up At 03h50 Every Weekday Morning

My alarm comes alive at 03h50 during the week! I would have already reviewed my schedule the night before so I am amped to get into action. My time is filled with getting ready, reading my Bible and reciting my …

Nevi Letcher Website 5 Things You Are Grateful For

We only need 5 to 10 minutes daily to rewire our brain and unleash the unlimited potential of our existence. It centres around Gratitude! I discovered when I practice awareness of the positive things in my life, I ward off the …

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Nevi Letcher is a seasoned marketing aficionado who owns her own marketing and events agency, who with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic decided to put her free time towards writing a book titled Mind Your Own Business. Letcher has spent …

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Here are some of the newspapers and magazines I have been featured in. Get It Magazine Article Weekend Argus Article Fourways Review Sandton Chronicles The Sandton Social Club

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I love to bake! That “in the moment” experience of measuring, tempering, whisking and following directions whilst I keep a watchful eye on the timer is liberating. I embrace the joy and calm that comes with baking. The act of …

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We go to Cape Town. It’s a two hour flight and if we catch an early one, it’s a nice full day. Especially because the sun sets much later in Cape Town than it does in Johannesburg. The Mother City …

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SANDTON — ‘Mind Your Own Business’ has provided a platform for Letcher to share what she has learned along the journey. Tumi and Khulekani Ntshingila with Nevi Letcher as she signs her new book. Photo: Chante’ Ho Hip The entrepreneurial …

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May 3rd is No Housework Day, so make sure you don’t clean ANYTHING. That’s right. So if someone moans at you to clean your room, you can just tell them that Nevi ordered you not to, okay? To celebrate this …

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What to expect

The pages of this book contain inspiration, key moments, business tips, insights and encouragement.

About the Book

12 crucial lessons on entrepreneurship; offering a fresh perspective, savvy advice and practical measures to put into place.

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