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It’s Monday midday and the clock keeps moving… The keyboard is overworked as I type frantically to complete a task before the 3pm deadline. Wild thoughts run through my head about why I did not think to get this started earlier last week. How did this actually manifest? Why did I lose my focus? Well, …

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Nevi Letcher Rainy day activities

Rainy day activities

Regardless of age, rainy days tend to place a damper on our mood. The lack of sunshine and confinement to being indoors whilst looking at the gloomy weathered skies through our windows, makes us feel a little glum. When we were younger, the rain didn’t spoil our fun. I recall running from school through muddy …

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Nevi Letcher Author Signing Books Halfway Through 2021

Halfway Through 2021

We are officially at the half way mark of 2021! This conjures a feeling of nervousness and fear in me. More than a year ago, the world changed its course to manage the novel corona virus and that challenge is still ongoing. In the midst of this, I just like many of you had to …

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Nevi Letcher Author with Books Personalities Clashes at Work Update

Personality Clashes at Work

During our professional lives, many of us will have to deal with a fair amount of people we just don’t seem to get along with or naturally like. My experience has been that the root of this conflict is a clash of personalities. In the beginning when I was still naïve to the understanding of …

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Nevi Letcher What life has taught me

What life has taught me

The past decade and a half has been a steep learning curve for me. The reward of taking responsibility for my life and building my own business has been overwhelming, rewarding and yet daunting all at once. I have learned so much about myself during the chapters of living, investing in my personal development and …

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Nevi Letcher Website 5 Things You Are Grateful For

5 Things You Are Grateful For

We only need 5 to 10 minutes daily to rewire our brain and unleash the unlimited potential of our existence. It centres around Gratitude! I discovered when I practice awareness of the positive things in my life, I ward off the brain’s natural inclination to scan for the negatives. As a result, I have trained my …

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