Nevi Letcher I Love to Bake Cake Image 01

I Love to Bake!

I love to bake!

That “in the moment” experience of measuring, tempering, whisking and following directions whilst I keep a watchful eye on the timer is liberating.

I embrace the joy and calm that comes with baking.

The act of baking is a form of self-expression. I recall this being one of life’s sweet and simple pleasures for me and continues to grow in me.

Baking is a sharing experience for me. I don’t bake to eat the entire batch of cookies or the whole cake by myself….although sometimes I feel like I could.

Knowing that what I am making will brighten up someone else’s day creates a warm fuzzy feelings in me.

Recently I have done lots of baking because I needed some therapeutic time 🙂

See some of my creations below.

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