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Nevi Letcher authors Mind Your Own Business, teaches marketing lessons

Nevi Letcher is a seasoned marketing aficionado who owns her own marketing and events agency, who with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic decided to put her free time towards writing a book titled Mind Your Own Business.

Letcher has spent more than 20 years in the corporate space, 13 of which have been spent in the pharmaceutical industry specifically. “With my corporate experience and a business degree under my belt, I felt empowered,” she said. “That feeling was soon vanquished by a lot of fumbling, discomfort and doubt.”

However, she was determined to succeed despite these negative feelings. Resolving to do everything in her power to feel empowered once again, Letcher worked to truly understand the lessons she speaks about in her book. After gaining momentum, the second year of Velocity Vision saw them securing some of the largest accounts in their arena.

Here, she tells us more about her writing process and career journey.


• What motivated you to start work on your book?

The Covid-19 lockdown brought unanticipated twists and turns. We went from working six or seven days a week to a complete halt. I am generally occupied with some project, and idleness is foreign to me. The uncertainty that hung over us motivated me to pursue a fascination and dream of mine.

I decided to start a writing mentorship, and my unplanned available time was directed towards authoring a business book. I started writing about the secrets that I unlocked through the school of hard knocks and those that business school did not teach me, in the form of 12 lessons.


• Could you tell us a bit more about your job title and what your role entails?

I own and manage a marketing and events agency (Velocity Vision). We work predominantly in the medical and pharmaceutical arena. Velocity Vision provides clarity of purpose in an ever-changing environment, which is key to our organisation’s vision.

My role involves working closely with our clients to bring meaningful products, services, and experiences to the market.

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• Tell us a bit more about your career path prior to your current work.

The years I have spent in marketing and the corporate space have taught me more than I imagined. I worked my way up the corporate ladder; from administration, sales, marketing, and through to senior management. I loved what I did, I wanted to explore doing it from the other side of the table. I actually resigned at a peak in my career – nothing better than leaving on a high!


• What challenges do you face in marketing?

The main challenges we face in marketing are the stringent compliance parameters within pharmaceutical marketing. Creativity is tainted by red tape and legislation.


• What changes would you like to see in the marketing sphere?

Being in the industry for such a long period has made me aware that changes are highly dependent on compliance and cannot be questioned. We have already started to see a shift toward digital marketing initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry, and will certainly experience more of that as time goes on.


• What is your biggest inspiration?

I believe there is no one right way to acquire inspiration. It is deeply personal and stems from what you hold close as your values and what motivates you. Giving people opportunities is one motivator that is very central to me, and being around passionate people from all walks of life is another. I find these interactions and engagements contagious; they get my energy flowing.

Another big inspiration for me are our customers. I am deliberate about allocating time to review customer feedback and chats. The positive comments are always shared and entrenched further and there is so much value in the feedback in terms of how we can improve. When I read those dialogues, I get inspired to do things better, evolve and develop services and products that are a force to be reckoned with.

Lastly, I am inspired by the new day. I see endless opportunities awaiting me every day. This was especially significant for me when I was in the building stage of our business. That excitement and curiosity of what is going to come made my mornings come alive daily.


• What do you love most about your career?

I absolutely love working on elements of a project and seeing it all come together to a roaring success. I love engaging with our customers and hearing their thoughts and opinions. I get a thrill from the impact we make on our customers and the value that we hold in their space.

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