Nevi Letcher Rainy day activities

Rainy day activities

Regardless of age, rainy days tend to place a damper on our mood. The lack of sunshine and confinement to being indoors whilst looking at the gloomy weathered skies through our windows, makes us feel a little glum.

When we were younger, the rain didn’t spoil our fun. I recall running from school through muddy puddles and being completely drenched. As I grew older, rainy days became long, lifeless and lazy days filled with anticipation of better weather.

Rainy weather should not be allowed to stop our fun. There are plenty of fun rainy day activities to do at home. I have discovered that there are plenty of things we can do to elevate our moods and have a good day. Try some of these when those gloomy skies are influencing your spirit to have a good time.

  • Play board games with family and friends.
    • Games makes the time pass quicker and keeps you sharp and on point.
  • Read a book
    • It’s my perfect opportunity to sink into our Fatsak and immerse myself into a good book. I get lost in the pages of another adventure.
Nevi Letcher Read a book_good-book cup coffee morning
  • Get busy with a crossword puzzle
    • My mind get a great workout and gets my mind off the weather
  • Watch a good movie
    • My favourites types are romance, comedy or drama. Nostalgic laughter is my substitution for the lack of vitamin D.
  • Take a peaceful nap
    • Curling up with a warm blanket transports me to a nicer place during my catnap
  • Get involved in some craft
    • Find something crafty that you enjoy. If you are not sure, there are great crafting idea books to look through. It is amazing how amazingly you can modify, spruce up or embellish something at home with some inspiration.
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