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The 3 places I want to visit…

2020 will be a year we will all never forget. As humans, we have lost the human touch, human lives and human connections. Social disruption, vulnerability over income and freedom has pushed us to the extreme.

Amongst all that is lost, I miss traveling. 

Everything is suddenly different – my mindset, the boundaries of my resilience and the many things that I have taken for granted. My travel philosophy will never be the same either.

I am aware of the feeling of nostalgia growing in me each month. 

Travel has always evoked emotional feelings of the places that I visit and the people I meet. The start of 2020 and now well into 2021, all those places and people are tainted with a sorrow, grief and hopelessness.

That excitement I experience when I am on the other side of the world awakens something in me. Seeing the sun rise and set in another city fills me with purpose!

I thought about this over the last 3 months and if I had to choose 3 places to visit, this would be it.

New York: 

One of America’s most exciting states with charming upstate scenery, world-class cuisine and culture and more things to do than you could fit in one lifetime. 

Nevi Letcher New York


A land that has a rich ancient history and deep in my cultural roots.

I can’t wait to experience the fascinating mix of festivals, royal palaces and vibrant bazaars.


The thought of rugged mountains, pristine beaches with hospitable people and fantastic weather intrigues me.

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