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Where is your go-to place for a weekend timeout?

We go to Cape Town. It’s a two hour flight and if we catch an early one, it’s a nice full day. Especially because the sun sets much later in Cape Town than it does in Johannesburg.

The Mother City has it all! The beaches, mountains, colourful neighbourhoods, exotic vineyards, all blended together to create a beautiful city. It’s hardly likely that you will run out of things to do in Cape Town. You can have your pick from the beaches, sun, fun, great wine, mountains to climb, penguins, picnics, vibrant indoor markets to eating dinner next to indoor fireplaces.

The variety of food is amazing, so prepare for additional time prior and after your trip at the gym. Indulge in an eating extravaganza from the traditional Cape Malay dishes to oriental Indian and sophisticated Italian cuisine. Our last trip during spring there was welcomed by the lush natural surroundings and evergreen forests with trickling streams. You may experience four seasons in one day. I have often left with my warmest jacket on a cold day and a few hours later, wish that I had worn something light and summery.

Whether you are single, hitched or thinking about it…there is plenty to see in this uniquely interesting city with its extreme beauty.

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