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My Home Library

Just like rising each morning and breathing in my first moment of the day, reading is indispensable to me. As I little girl, I dreamt of having my own private reading place. I imagined sitting on a comfortable chair and spending long hours immersed in reading my favourite books without any interruptions.

Today, I feel so blessed to have a beautiful library in my house. The shelves are filled with numerous interesting books of different genres.

Growing up, I was obsessed with every detail of interior design. I knew that one day my dream home would include a library or some sort of reading space. I designed this space to represent my decorating taste, and it is the perfect place to read and escape from the real world.

These are some of the tick boxes that had to be satisfied when I was creating my dream library and reading space:

✔︎ Lighting:

Natural light is a preference, although good artificial lighting is a must. I can’t enjoy a book if I can’t see well. A beautiful array of pendant lights are above the table and a reading lamp with distinct lighting sits between the 2 armchairs.

✔︎ Coffee table:

I don’t drink coffee often, but I like a place for my water bottle. I have a small versatile table that is steady and can accommodate a few snacks too.

✔︎ Bookshelves:

The book shelves were created in blocks so they house the books sturdily. I chose two wood colours and textures and this features in every alternate block. I always wanted floor to ceiling shelves full of books and changed my mind during the designing process to accommodate shelves for some décor, ornaments and fitted baskets pull-out drawers to store games and stationery. I will be running out of space soon and am working on a plan to keep more books.

✔︎ Armchairs:

Two comfortable armchairs adorn the space on both sides of the little table. The fabric

✔︎ A scenic view:

I love looking out of bay windows and watching life so close to me, yet so distant from me too. The bench seat is positioned next to the window which overlooks the most tranquil water feature. The sliding doors next to the bench leads out into a magnificent garden – where birds are constantly singing and the flowers are colourful and inviting.

This space is a world of unlimited discovery and possibilities for me. My personal library is more than an aesthetic pleasing space or a collection of books – it’s the heart of our home. 

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