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Nevi Letcher Rainy day activities

Rainy day activities

Regardless of age, rainy days tend to place a damper on our mood. The lack of sunshine and confinement to being indoors whilst looking at the gloomy weathered skies through our windows, makes us feel a little glum. When we were younger, the rain didn’t spoil our fun. I recall running from school through muddy …

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Nevi Letcher The 3 places I want to visit New York India Greece

The 3 places I want to visit…

2020 will be a year we will all never forget. As humans, we have lost the human touch, human lives and human connections. Social disruption, vulnerability over income and freedom has pushed us to the extreme. Amongst all that is lost, I miss traveling.  Everything is suddenly different – my mindset, the boundaries of my …

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Nevi Letcher Author Signing Books Halfway Through 2021

Halfway Through 2021

We are officially at the half way mark of 2021! This conjures a feeling of nervousness and fear in me. More than a year ago, the world changed its course to manage the novel corona virus and that challenge is still ongoing. In the midst of this, I just like many of you had to …

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Nevi Letcher Author with Books Personalities Clashes at Work Update

Personality Clashes at Work

During our professional lives, many of us will have to deal with a fair amount of people we just don’t seem to get along with or naturally like. My experience has been that the root of this conflict is a clash of personalities. In the beginning when I was still naïve to the understanding of …

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Nevi Letcher What life has taught me

What life has taught me

The past decade and a half has been a steep learning curve for me. The reward of taking responsibility for my life and building my own business has been overwhelming, rewarding and yet daunting all at once. I have learned so much about myself during the chapters of living, investing in my personal development and …

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Nevi Letcher 5 Things That Make Me Happy Smiling

4 Things That Make Me Happy

It may be easy to assume that things like money and a luxurious lifestyle lead to happiness, although research reveals that it is those simple experiences that promote days filled with sunny skies. I have discovered that whether I need a shift from negative thoughts or want to continue a streak of positive vibes, these …

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Nevi Letcher My Home Library Thumbnail

My Home Library

Just like rising each morning and breathing in my first moment of the day, reading is indispensable to me. As I little girl, I dreamt of having my own private reading place. I imagined sitting on a comfortable chair and spending long hours immersed in reading my favourite books without any interruptions. Today, I feel …

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